Xbox-Summer-Showcase 2024

Xbox Summer Showcase 2024: A Monumental Preview

Ankit Kumar Sinha

Xbox's 2024 event features pivotal game launches, strategic collaborations, and insights. Major studios and upcoming game debuts highlighted.


Controversy and Triumph: The Stellar Blade Debate

Ankit Kumar Sinha

Delve into Stellar Blade, a PS5 exclusive with a rich narrative and advanced combat, setting new standards in post-apocalyptic gaming.


Top Reasons to Secure F1 24 Before Launch

Ankit Kumar Sinha

Dive into F1 24's launch details, exclusive pre-order benefits, and game-changing features for an unmatched racing experience in the latest EA Sports simulation.


Age of Empires Mobile blends Epic battles with modern mobile gameplay

Ankit Kumar Sinha

Embark on a strategic odyssey with Age of Empires Mobile, where legendary battles meet innovative mobile gameplay for an unparalleled experience.


6 Ways Contra: Operation Galuga Blends Legacy with Innovation

Ankit Kumar Sinha

Discover a groundbreaking twist on Contra's lore with strategic gameplay, revamped visuals, and a storyline that bridges past and future.


Inside Look: Death Stranding 2’s Expansive World & Cast

Ankit Kumar Sinha

Discover the full scope of Death Stranding 2 - from its star-studded cast to gameplay leaps and cross-cultural journeys. A 2025 game-changer in narrative depth.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Fan Theories

Ankit Kumar Sinha

Explore the intricate plot of 'Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,' where cloning theories and Batman's fate are entangled in a web of mystery.


Spider-Man 2’s Update: A Marvel Revolution

Ankit Kumar Sinha

Insomniac's Spider-Man 2 update on Mar 7: New Game Plus, fresh suits, gameplay enhancements, community hype, style updates, and a new era of adventures.

Witcher Remake

Witcher Revived: Next-Gen Graphics Triumph

Ankit Kumar Sinha

Explore the journey of The Witcher remake through seven slides, from its announcement to fan reactions and what lies ahead. Discover how CD Projekt Red is blending nostalgia with innovation.


Skull and Bones: Next-Level Pirate Adventure Awaits!

Ankit Kumar Sinha

Journey through 'Skull and Bones' in stunning 4K: Experience breathtaking graphics from ship battles to open seas in our PS5 adventure. Witness the beauty and peril of piracy like never before!