Age of Empires 4: The Sultans Ascend – A New Era of Strategy Awaits!

Ankit Kumar Sinha

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The Dawn of a New Expansion

Hello, Gamers! Ready for a time-traveling journey with Age of Empires 4’s latest expansion, The Sultans Ascend? It’s not just another DLC; it’s a whole new world of strategy waiting to be explored. But, let’s keep our expectations real – this is Age of Empires, after all, does the historical accuracy meets our nerdy fantasy of world domination.

The Rise of the Japanese and Byzantines

Firstly, the new kids on the block: the Japanese and Byzantine factions. The Japanese aren’t just about samurai swords and sushi; they’re bringing a unique Daimyo system that transforms your town center into a powerhouse. As for the Byzantines, get ready to trade swords for… olive oil? That’s right, it’s not just for cooking anymore! Olive oil as a resource – who knew history could be so… greasy?

Variant Civilizations: A Fresh Twist

And then, there’s the game changer: Variant Civilizations. Think of your favorite civs, but with a twist. The ‘Order of the Dragon,’ for instance, makes the Holy Roman Empire look like a kiddie pool. Double health units? It’s like turning your foot soldiers into mini-Hulks.

Crusades Reimagined: A Campaign of Epic Proportions

The new campaign is where the real magic happens. Set in the Middle East during the Crusades, it’s a blend of history, strategy, and “Oh no, I forgot to eat dinner.” You’re not just playing a game; you’re reliving history, minus the dusty textbooks.

The Wallet Dilemma: To Buy or Not to Buy

Now, for the elephant in the room – the price. $14.99 might seem steep for some. But remember, it’s not just a game; it’s an investment in virtual world domination. And for the Xbox Game Pass holders? You’re in for a treat.

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Age of Empires 4 The Sultans Ascend -A Deal You Can’t Ignore

Don’t have the base game yet? Fear not! The Anniversary Edition is waving at you with a 50% off tag. That’s like getting a gourmet burger for the price of a fast-food one. A steal, if you ask me!

A Balance of Excitement and Caution

Yes, expansions can feel like a hit to the wallet. But let’s weigh it against the endless hours of gameplay, new strategies to explore, and the chance to rewrite history. On the flip side, we can’t ignore that this is another addition to our already extensive gaming library. So, it’s excitement tinged with a hint of wallet-conscious caution.

Maps and Biomes: Your New Battlegrounds

And let’s not forget the 10 new maps and two biomes. Fighting amidst cherry blossoms or on the African savanna adds a whole new flavor to your conquests. It’s like a strategy-filled vacation with no need for sunscreen.

So, what’s the verdict, gamers? Are you gearing up to lead the Byzantines with their olive oil empire, or will you command the Japanese with their samurai might? Drop your strategies in the comments!

Signing Off: Until Our Next Epic Battle. Keep gaming, and may your empires flourish


Frequently asked questions

Q: What exactly is ‘The Sultans Ascend’ expansion?

A: It’s the latest expansion for Age of Empires 4, adding new civilizations, a fresh campaign, variant civilizations, and much more. It’s like a whole new chapter in your Age of Empires adventure!

Q: Which new civilizations are included?

A: The expansion introduces the Japanese and Byzantine civilizations, each with unique units, structures, and gameplay mechanics. The Japanese bring samurai and a Daimyo system, while the Byzantines introduce olive oil as a resource and units wielding Greek Fire.

Q: What are ‘Variant Civilizations’?

A: These are alternative versions of existing civilizations with unique tweaks to their gameplay. They offer a fresh perspective on the strategies you might already be familiar with.

Q: Do I need the base game to play this expansion?

A: Yes, you’ll need to have the base Age of Empires 4 game to play The Sultans Ascend. It’s an expansion, so think of it as an awesome DLC that extends the base game.

Q: How much does the expansion cost?

A: The Sultans Ascend is priced at $14.99. But if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you’ll have access to it as part of your subscription, with a small discount on the Xbox storefront.

Q: Is there a new campaign? What’s it about?

A: Yes, there’s a new 8-mission campaign set in the Middle East during the European Crusades. You’ll delve into the historical battles between the Crusaders and the Muslim resistance, adding a whole new layer of depth to the game.

Q: Are there any new maps and biomes?

A: Absolutely! The expansion adds 10 new maps and two new biomes, including the Japanese Spring and the African Savanna, offering more diverse and visually stunning environments for your battles.

Q: Is this expansion suitable for new players?

A: While it’s geared towards players who have some familiarity with Age of Empires 4, new players can still jump in and enjoy it. There might be a learning curve, but that’s part of the fun!


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