Horizon Forbidden West PC Launch: When Titans Clash in March Madness!

Ankit Kumar Sinha

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The long-awaited Horizon Forbidden West PC launch, the sequel to the widely acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, is now officially available for gamers to enjoy! However, it’s not the only headline-worthy event in the gaming world right now. Let’s dig into the action and explore what’s cooking with this exciting release.

Aloy’s Tough Luck: History Repeats

Remember back in 2017 when Aloy first stepped into the gaming arena? She had to share the limelight with a certain legendary hero from Hyrule. Fast forward to 2022, and it’s déjà vu! Just when Horizon Forbidden West debuted on PS5, Elden Ring swooped in, hogging the spotlight with its enchanting world and heart-pounding boss battles. Horizon Forbidden West PC Launch is facing a similar tight spot.

The March Showdown

Set your calendars for March 21, folks! That’s when Horizon Forbidden West lands on PC. But wait, there’s more! The very next day, March 22, sees the arrival of Dragon’s Dogma 2. Fans have been clamoring for this action-RPG for over a decade, and it’s finally here, breathing down Aloy’s neck.

March’s Noteworthy Gaming Line-Up

DateGame Release
March 21Horizon Forbidden West PC Launch
March 22Dragon’s Dogma 2
March 22Rise of the Ronin

And if that wasn’t enough, Rise of the Ronin, a samurai-themed RPG from the creators of Nioh, is also unsheathing its katana on the same day. Talk about a crowded party!

Horizon’s Worth: Amidst Giants

Despite the competition, Horizon Forbidden West is no slouch. Praised for its compelling characters, intriguing story, and – let’s not forget – those super awesome robot dinosaurs, it’s a sequel that has managed to outshine its predecessor. But will it be enough to steal the spotlight in this crowded March schedule?

Why Horizon Forbidden West Shines

  1. Engrossing Narrative: Aloy’s journey is more captivating than ever.
  2. Robotic Dinosaurs: Need we say more?
  3. Stunning Open World: Explore a beautifully crafted landscape.
  4. Enhanced Gameplay: Refined mechanics for an immersive experience.
  5. PC Optimization: Ultra-wide support and other PC-centric features.

Horizon Forbidden West PC: The Features

The PC version isn’t just a straightforward port. It boasts ultra-wide support (hello, panoramic views!), plus compatibility with triple-monitor setups. For those who love feeling every arrow’s tension and combat impact, the DualSense controller support is a dream come true. And let’s not forget the inclusion of DLSS 3, XeSS, and FidelityFX Super Resolution technologies. High FPS, here we come!

The Tech Talk: Horizon Forbidden West PC

Sure, Aloy’s adventure looks great, but let’s chat about what’s under the hood. We’re talking about no official word on PC requirements yet, but Nvidia’s nod to DLSS 3 support for RTX 40 series cards? That’s a big deal. Pair that with Intel’s XeSS and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution, and you’ve got a recipe for silky-smooth, high-fidelity gaming. Mouse and keyboard warriors, rejoice! You’re covered, and so are the controller enthusiasts, with extensive support and customization options. Feeling the string tension in your bow via adaptive triggers? Now that’s immersive!


The Competition: Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Rise of the Ronin

Let’s not forget the contenders sharing the stage with Horizon. Dragon’s Dogma 2, a fan favorite finally seeing the light of day, poses a formidable challenge. And then there’s Rise of the Ronin, with its alluring samurai charm, ready to slice a piece of the gaming pie for itself. It’s like a buffet of RPG delights this March!

Competitor Highlights

GameUnique Selling Point
Dragon’s Dogma 2A decade-awaited sequel
Rise of the RoninSamurai-themed RPG adventure

The Verdict: Horizon Forbidden West PC Launch and March Madness

With such stiff competition, it’s like Horizon Forbidden West is the underdog in a battle of titans. Will it rise above and claim victory, or will it get overshadowed once again? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure – the game’s mix of robotic dinosaurs, a gripping narrative, and breathtaking visuals, coupled with PC enhancements, makes it a worthy contender.

In conclusion, March 2024 is not just a month; it’s a battleground where giants clash. Horizon Forbidden West, Dragon’s Dogma 2, and Rise of the Ronin – each vying for the throne of your gaming time. Will Aloy triumph in this latest round, or will she need to make way for new champions? Regardless of who wins this epic showdown, one thing is crystal clear – gamers are in for a treat. So, gear up, choose your champion, and dive into the fray. May the best game win!


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