Stellar Blade PS5: Discover the Controversy and Charisma

Ankit Kumar Sinha

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PlayStation 5’s latest exclusive, Stellar Blade, is making waves and captivating gamers with its intriguing storyline and innovative gameplay. This South Korean marvel, developed by SHIFT UP, leads players on a gripping journey through a post-apocalyptic Earth. Here’s what you need to know about the game that’s rewriting the rules of engagement.

Storyline and Setting

Set on a ravaged Earth, overrun by the monstrous Naytibos, humanity faces near extinction. Enter Eve, the game’s protagonist, with a critical mission to reclaim her home planet. The narrative unfolds in Xion, the last bastion of humanity, where Eve and her allies, including the tactically brilliant Tachy, fight to turn the tide against the alien invaders. Stellar Blade isn’t just a tale of survival; it’s a story of reclaiming lost ground and facing tough decisions that will determine the fate of the human race.

Gameplay Excellence

While the allure of the characters is undeniable, Stellar Blade’s true charm lies in its gameplay. The game offers a rich combat system that is both satisfying and strategic, allowing players to enhance their skills and tackle challenges at varying difficulty levels. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the console, Stellar Blade promises an accessible yet deep combat experience that’s hard to put down.

Key Features of Stellar Blade

  • Dynamic combat system with skill progression
  • Choice between two difficulty levels for accessibility
  • Intricate storyline with deep character development
  • High-quality graphics and immersive post-apocalyptic environment

Artistic Controversy

SHIFT UP has stirred quite a storm with its distinctive portrayal of female characters, notably Eve. Criticized for her hypersexualized design, the character has sparked a broader conversation about gender representation in video games. The controversy reached a peak when major media outlets and social media erupted in debate over the game’s artistic direction, underscoring the cultural clash between Eastern and Western perceptions of character aesthetics.


Prices and Purchasing Options

Stellar Blade hit the shelves on April 26th, available exclusively on PlayStation 5. Gamers can opt for the standard edition priced at €79.99 or splurge on the Digital Deluxe Edition for €89.99, which includes additional in-game perks. Budget-conscious players can look for deals from various retailers or test the waters with a free demo, offering a taste of the action-packed adventure that awaits.


Price (€)

Included Content

Standard Edition


Base Game

Digital Deluxe Edition


Base Game + Astronomer Suit, Half-Frame Glasses, Bonus Points

Stellar Blade: Resonating with Players and Critics Alike

Remarkably, Stellar Blade has not only resonated with the gaming community but has also achieved an extraordinary feat in PlayStation 5’s history. With a user score of 9.1/10, it proudly stands as the third highest-rated game on the console, surpassing heavyweights like Elden Ring and God of War. This acclaim is especially noteworthy considering the broader context of the game’s reception, where it has triumphed over initial controversies related to its character designs.


Game Title

User Score


Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition



Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways



Stellar Blade



Astro’s Playroom



Nioh Remastered


Comparison with Other Top Games

The leaderboard of top PS5 games is a mix of genres and styles, with Stellar Blade holding its ground against titles such as Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition and Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways, both scoring slightly higher at 9.2. The game’s success underscores its quality and the strong engagement of its player base, who seem to appreciate the depth and intricacy of its gameplay and narrative more than the critics do.


Controversy Turns to Cultural Dialogue

Initially hailed as “anti-woke” for its character aesthetics, Stellar Blade faced backlash over alleged censorship and the portrayal of its female protagonist, Eve. This debate has highlighted a significant cultural dialogue on the representation of characters in video games, reflecting broader societal shifts and the diverse expectations of a global audience. Despite these challenges, the overwhelming player support suggests that the game’s core appeal remains untarnished.


Stellar Blade’s journey through controversy to critical acclaim is a testament to its compelling gameplay, immersive storytelling, and the undeniable charm of its design. While debates on character representation are valuable, they also reflect the diverse landscape of modern gaming where different cultures intersect. As Stellar Blade continues to captivate players worldwide, it not only entertains but also invites us to reflect on the evolving norms and values within the gaming community.


What is Stellar Blade about?

Stellar Blade is a post-apocalyptic adventure set on Earth, dominated by alien creatures called Naytibos. Players control Eve, who aims to reclaim Earth from these invaders.

Can I play Stellar Blade on platforms other than PS5?

Currently, Stellar Blade is exclusive to PlayStation 5.

What makes Stellar Blade stand out from other games?

Stellar Blade combines a deeply engaging storyline with a robust combat system, set in a visually striking post-apocalyptic world. Its controversial yet acclaimed character design adds a unique aspect to its identity.

Is there a demo available for Stellar Blade?

Yes, there is a free demo available that lets players experience the first few hours of the game.

How has Stellar Blade been received by the gaming community?

Stellar Blade has been highly praised by gamers, achieving one of the highest user scores for a PS5 game, indicating strong player satisfaction and engagement.



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