Rockstar Games Adds L.A. Noire to GTA+ Amid Expanding Library

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Rockstar Games continues to breathe new life into GTA Online, keeping the game fresh and appealing for its long-term fans. This May, the developer is set to introduce the critically acclaimed L.A. Noire to the ever-expanding GTA+ subscription service. This move not only enriches the gaming experience but also taps into the nostalgia of longtime Rockstar enthusiasts.

Expanding the GTA+ Library

The integration of L.A. Noire into GTA Online’s GTA+ service, announced earlier this year, marks an interesting turn in Rockstar’s strategy to keep their online world vibrant and engaging. Set for release on May 2nd, L.A. Noire is the first of several planned additions that also include the cult favorite, Bully. These games diverge from Rockstar’s typical offerings and provide a unique narrative-driven experience, a contrast to the often chaotic and expansive nature of the Grand Theft Auto titles.

L.A. Noire itself is a detective game set in the gritty backdrop of 1947 Los Angeles, a setting rife with corruption and crime. Players step into the shoes of Cole Phelps, a detective tasked with solving a series of crimes, navigating through a web of deceit in a city where everyone has secrets. The game’s use of revolutionary facial animation technology was a milestone at the time of its release, offering an unparalleled interactive narrative experience.

Date Added

Game Title

Notable Features

March 2021

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

Classic GTA games remastered

July 2021

Red Dead Redemption & Undead Nightmare

Western-themed adventure and zombie mode

May 2022

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Handheld console classic on GTA+

May 2022

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Explore Liberty City in a new light

May 2024

L.A. Noire

Detective gameplay in 1947 Los Angeles

Perks for GTA+ Subscribers

Not just content with adding another game to its roster, Rockstar is making the deal even sweeter for GTA+ subscribers. Alongside access to L.A. Noire, members will be treated to two free vehicles—the Classique Broadway and the Albany Roosevelt. These vehicles, available for claim starting May 2nd, echo the vintage aesthetic of L.A. Noire, adding a layer of thematic consistency to the update.

This is part of a broader trend with GTA+, which started mainly as a means to offer in-game cash bonuses, exclusive vehicles, and clothing. Now, it increasingly serves as a gateway to a larger catalogue of Rockstar’s older but beloved titles, such as the GTA Trilogy and Red Dead Redemption, expanding its appeal and offering more value to its members.

Rockstar’s Dual Strategy: New Content and Nostalgic Appeal

While there’s ongoing speculation about new releases like Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar’s strategy of bolstering GTA Online with beloved classics ensures ongoing engagement from a player base eager for both new experiences and nostalgic content. It’s a clever balancing act, keeping the community active and excited while also setting the stage for future developments.

A Closer Look at L.A. Noire’s Integration

The incorporation of L.A. Noire into GTA+ is more than a mere addition; it’s a strategic move to integrate diverse gameplay styles. L.A. Noire offers a break from the usual run-and-gun style of GTA with its focus on problem-solving and critical thinking, requiring players to pay close attention to dialogue and character interactions to solve complex crimes. This detective gameplay contrasts sharply with the traditional GTA formula, offering a refreshing change of pace to subscribers.


L.A. Noire

Typical GTA Games

Gameplay Style

Detective, problem-solving

Action, open-world adventure

Main Focus

Solving crimes

Committing crimes


1947 Los Angeles

Modern/Various settings


Advanced facial animations

Dynamic open-world mechanics

Player Role

Detective Cole Phelps

Various criminal protagonists

Top 3 Reasons L.A. Noire Stands Out in Rockstar’s Portfolio

  1. Historical Context: Set in post-war Los Angeles, the game dives into the societal issues and real historical events of the time, setting it apart from the contemporary and fictional settings of most GTA games.
  2. Gameplay Mechanics: Unlike the action-packed gameplay of GTA, L.A. Noire focuses on investigation, interrogation, and moral decision-making, offering a slower, more thoughtful pace.
  3. Technological Innovation: At the time of its release, L.A. Noire introduced groundbreaking facial animation technology that significantly enhanced character interaction and storytelling.

Continued Enhancements and Community Engagement

Rockstar’s commitment to its community is evident in how it manages the GTA+ program. Regular updates, added content, and exclusive perks ensure that subscribers feel valued. The addition of iconic vehicles from L.A. Noire not only serves as a thematic tie-in but also as a nod to the game’s fans, recognizing their appreciation for Rockstar’s detailed world-building.

Top 5 Perks of GTA+

  1. Exclusive Vehicles: Access to unique vehicles not available to non-subscribers.
  2. Free In-Game Currency: Regular allotments of GTA$ to spend within GTA Online.
  3. Access to Classic Games: Free access to classic games like L.A. Noire and the GTA Trilogy.
  4. Unique Clothing and Accessories: Special outfits and items that set your character apart.
  5. Early Access to New Features: Get a first look at new game elements before the general public.


As GTA Online continues to evolve, Rockstar Games seems to be skillfully navigating the balance between introducing innovative content and honoring its rich gaming history. By enriching its subscription service with games like L.A. Noire, Rockstar not only keeps its platform dynamic and engaging but also reinforces its commitment to delivering a comprehensive gaming experience. As we look forward to more updates, one thing is clear: the future of GTA Online is as promising as ever, filled with endless possibilities and continued excitement.



What is GTA+?

GTA+ is a subscription service within GTA Online that offers members exclusive perks, including in-game currency, vehicles, and now access to a growing library of classic Rockstar games.

When will L.A. Noire be available on GTA+?

L.A. Noire will be available to GTA+ subscribers starting May 2nd.

Are there any special perks for GTA+ subscribers with the addition of L.A. Noire?

Yes, subscribers will receive two vintage luxury vehicles for free—the Classique Broadway and the Albany Roosevelt.

What makes L.A. Noire different from other games in the GTA series?

Unlike other games in the GTA series that focus on criminal exploits, L.A. Noire is a detective game that requires players to solve crimes through investigations and interrogations, set in the historical backdrop of 1947 Los Angeles.



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